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"The microphones are sucking up so much ace skin sound on these discs. Mister Pel is a master of the fat and the skinny and can match a sound to a sound like Dulux matches the paint."

Graham Coxon | Musician

Here you will find all of the mixed drum tracks that are available to purchase as drum loop packs. On average, each of the live drum tracks has had seven 2-4 bar drum loops extracted ready for you to import into your DAW software. To find out how many drum loops are included in each pack, select your drum track and click on 'what does my download contain' in the more info window.

All of the loops provided come in three separate formats: Apple Loops, Rex2 and WAVs. This means they can be imported into any DAW or sampler that you are working with. For more information on the individual loop formats check out our formats page here:

There are currently around 120 drum tracks available as drum loop packs, and we are busy working through the rest of the Drumdrops catalogue. In total there are around 840 live drum loops available to purchase in all three formats. We have most of the genres covered; 60s Pop, 70s Pop Rock, Soul, Funk, Rock, Heavy Rock and Disco, with more being added all the time.

You can choose to purchase the drum loop packs on a track-by-track basis or as complete albums. The advantage of buying an album is that you get approximately 20% off the price of each individual track.

Drumdrops goes to great lengths to make sure it provides you with some of the most authentic live sounding drum loops in the business. As we record them in leading commercial recording studios using some of the greatest engineers and drummers in the business, and then mix them through some of the very best vintage equipment, our live drum loops are a step above the rest. Preview the drum tracks below and then purchase the loop packs of your choice… you will not be disappointed.

Title Description Genre
RYLD 226 SOUL 07
A 12/8 groove on Al Green's 'Can't Get Next To You' is credited as the muse for this pattern. This classic blues beat goes from hi hat's to ride, which brings creative options to the song writing process. Soul 226 M S L More Info Save Favourite
RYLD 126 SOUL 02
A homage to the classic slow 6/8 style groove that Willie Mitchell loved to produce. Incorporating different fills, and different groove ideas that are sure to inspire. Soul 126 M S L More Info Save Favourite
RYLD 122 SOUL 08
An uptempo Motown tribute by Ann Peebles called 'My Man' takes credit for this pattern. Together with a tambourine, this groove drives with purpose from start to finish. Soul 122 M S L More Info Save Favourite
RYLD 119 SOUL 14
Based on the classic Al Green track 'Take Me To The River'. A driving mid tempo drum groove played on the rim of the bass drum together with a cross stick, giving it a unique sonic quality. Soul 119 M S L More Info Save Favourite
RYLD 105 SOUL 10
Referencing one of the more recent Al Green tracks 'I'm Wild About You'. This groove starts off with a dark, tribal like tom pattern, which then develops into the more familiar Al Green, boom-bap foot tapper. Soul 105 M S L More Info Save Favourite
RYLD 101 SOUL 09
The instantly recognisable 'Let's Stay Together' by Al green inspires this multifaceted drum composition. Kicking off with the classic intro ride groove, which then melts into a driving verse pattern, which is politely interrupted now and then by its classic Motown bridge part. Accompanied by congas throughout, this pattern lays down a classic 70's soul template. Soul 101 M S L More Info Save Favourite
Inspired by all those simple 8th note heavy grooves that Royal Studios were famous for. Complete with congas backing up the kick and snare, this is a shameless Hi Records rip off! Soul 93 M S L More Info Save Favourite
Referencing the Ann Peebles track 'Somebody's On Your Case'. This is a mid tempo head nodding groove featuring a hi hat pattern that goes from straight to shuffle, creating an interesting rhythmic movement. accompanied by conga part, creating that classic 'hi records' sound. Soul 92 M S L More Info Save Favourite
Al Green and John Legend's collaboration 'Stay With Me' was the inspiration behind this unique groove. A rhythm that incorporates swinging hi hats and interesting interplay between a cross stick and the floor tom. A syncopated section using the ride cymbal gives another option. Soul 90 M S L More Info Save Favourite
If 'What More Do You Want From Me' from Al Green's 2010 release was recorded in 1973, it may have sounded like this. A simple, but groove heavy pattern that has two subtle sections, which are interlinked using tasteful fills. Soul 84 M S L More Info Save Favourite
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