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"These tracks are earthy and real, tempo is consistent but not stiff, and the grooves are really happening. Engineer Mike Pelanconi deserves credit for making real tracks like these available."

Larry Crane | Engineer

Here you will find all of the mixed drum tracks that are available to purchase as drum loop packs. On average, each of the live drum tracks has had seven 2-4 bar drum loops extracted ready for you to import into your DAW software. To find out how many drum loops are included in each pack, select your drum track and click on 'what does my download contain' in the more info window.

All of the loops provided come in three separate formats: Apple Loops, Rex2 and WAVs. This means they can be imported into any DAW or sampler that you are working with. For more information on the individual loop formats check out our formats page here:

There are currently around 120 drum tracks available as drum loop packs, and we are busy working through the rest of the Drumdrops catalogue. In total there are around 840 live drum loops available to purchase in all three formats. We have most of the genres covered; 60s Pop, 70s Pop Rock, Soul, Funk, Rock, Heavy Rock and Disco, with more being added all the time.

You can choose to purchase the drum loop packs on a track-by-track basis or as complete albums. The advantage of buying an album is that you get approximately 20% off the price of each individual track.

Drumdrops goes to great lengths to make sure it provides you with some of the most authentic live sounding drum loops in the business. As we record them in leading commercial recording studios using some of the greatest engineers and drummers in the business, and then mix them through some of the very best vintage equipment, our live drum loops are a step above the rest. Preview the drum tracks below and then purchase the loop packs of your choice… you will not be disappointed.

Title Description Genre
FKD1 162 FOLK 17
Think Nick Drake's Hazey jane II. Classic Dave Mattacks groove. Early 70s basic straight-ahead folk rock, with snare skips and snare fills. Adding a ride cymbal. Occasional tom fills. Straight groove with tight snare sound. Folk Rock 162 M S L More Info Save Favourite
FKD1 157 FOLK 15
Up-tempo groove and a percussive feel between bass and snare drum. Up-beats on snare drum. Snare rolls on the 8. Rhythm is played with snare and floor tom. A kind of ska groove. Rhythm then straightens out using ride and hi-hat with fills on snare and toms. This is a very erratic groove. Folk Rock 157 M S L More Info Save Favourite
FKD1 136 FOLK 11
Cool 3/4 brushes groove adding ride with hi hat and some fills. Laid back with strong accents on the bass drum. Nick Drake - Saturday Sun. Folk Rock 136 M S L More Info Save Favourite
FKD1 118 FOLK 12
3/4 Waltz with hotrods, snare on the 3 with rides and hi hats. One of the most heart wrenching 3/4 groove’s you’ll ever hear. Based on Neil Young's – Only Love Can Break Your Heart. Folk Rock 118 M S L More Info Save Favourite
FKD1 102 FOLK 09
Think Buffalo Springfield – For What It’s Worth. Mid-tempo rock groove, 4’s on tight hi hats, 3’s on bass drum, dry loose snare, side stick. Ride Cymbal. Folk Rock 102 M S L More Info Save Favourite
FKD1 101 FOLK 13
Very uplifting and positive straight shuffle groove. Ride cymbal and hi hat. Adding those great flurries of snare drum rolls. Traffic - Feeling Alright. Folk Rock 101 M S L More Info Save Favourite
FKD1 100 FOLK 16
Drum track based on Arthur lee - Love You set the scene (part 2). Mid-tempo with fills, shuffles and skips. Occasional rolls on snare drum. Great psychedelic groove. Folk Rock 100 M S L More Info Save Favourite
FKD1 99 FOLK 03
Starts with a building snare roll, very nice in your face dry snare drum sound. Occasional skips on snare. Classic drums fills of the time, progressing onto ride cymbal. We hear the classic Ludwig tom tom sound with the fills. Based on Fairport Convention - Matty Groves. Folk Rock 99 M S L More Info Save Favourite
FKD1 97 FOLK 14
Percussive bass drum groove with 8’s on tambourine adding 4’s on the snare drum and snare hits on the 4 adding fills. Traffic - Heaven Is In Your Mind. Folk Rock 97 M S L More Info Save Favourite
FKD1 94 FOLK 10
Midnight Choir's - Requiem. Ride cymbal with brushes and bass drum push between the 2 and the 3. Going to hi-hat snare. Soft hypnotic groove. Folk Rock 94 M S L More Info Save Favourite
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