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"The microphones are sucking up so much ace skin sound on these discs. Mister Pel is a master of the fat and the skinny and can match a sound to a sound like Dulux matches the paint."

Graham Coxon | Musician

Drumdrops has over 400 drum tracks for you to preview and purchase in multiple formats. Each drum track can be previewed below as a low quality MP3. You can then click on the 'More Info' button to find out how the track was recorded and what formats it is available to purchase in.

All of the drum tracks can be purchased as unmixed live drum multi-tracks. These feature full length takes with all the separate drum mics recorded as 24 bit 44.1 WAVs and come with the Pro Tools session file, an OMF file to import into other DAW and a beat tempo map for syncing up external drum machines. The multi-tracks are perfect for people who want to experiment with setting up their own drum mix and have total control over the sound.
A large selection of the drum tracks are available to purchase as drum stem packs which contain the main stereo mix and sections of the drums mixed down. These packs are better for those who don't want to spend time setting up the mix. We have done the hard work for you, mixing them in commercial studios on vintage gear.
Finally a smaller selection of the drum tracks can be purchased as drum loops. Each mixed drum track has been cut down to about seven 2-4 bar loops and provided in the different drum components - full mix, full kit, kick and snare. The drum loops have been provided as WAVs, Apple Loops and Rex2 files meaning they will import into any sampler or DAW.

Title Description Genre
SSPD 195 60s POP 14
12/8 ride groove with fills. Loosely based on the theme from Midnight Cowboy by John Barry, this slowish 12/8 groove is mostly played on the ride cymbal with a soft back beat. The fairly minimal groove contrasts nicely with the relatively flamboyant snare and tom fills. 60s Pop 195 M S L P More Info Save Favourite
SSPD 192 60s POP 16
Fast 3/4 groove with snare section and waltz feel. Based on Tom Jones' Delilah this track starts with an almost military snare vibe in 3/4 which opens out into a fast waltz feel played on the ride in the choruses. The dynamic builds and drops as it moves through the tune with the odd punctuating fill. 60s Pop 192 M S L P More Info Save Favourite
SSPD 187 60s JAZZ 09
Up tempo ride groove with a jazzy take on a rock n roll rhythm. Based loosely on a Jimmy Smith style groove 'The Cat' this ride based pattern has busy snare flicks and syncopations straddling jazz, rock and roll and even Latin styles. Constantly moving and textural it offers a variety of dynamics and sections. 60s Jazz 187 M S L P More Info Save Favourite
SSPD 182 60s POP 07
Loosely based on Tom Jones' It's not Unusual. An uptempo pop groove that digs in and drives along without being too heavy. Features fills and hits and moves between hihat and ride. Has variations and flicks on the snare drum that give it a slight lightness and swing. Also features overdubbed tambourine and handclaps. 60s Pop 182 M S L P More Info Save Favourite
SSPD 177 60s JAZZ 05
Based on a Georgie Fame track this is an uptempo sixties pop groove. With a side stick in the verse section and some syncopation this grooves veers between sounding like fast pop and a bossa nova Latin vibe, never quite settling on either. This gives it an interesting feel as it is fast and driving yet manages to stay light and breezy. Features builds and fills, and different sections on snare and side stick, hi hat and ride. 60s Jazz 177 M S L P More Info Save Favourite
SSPD 160 60s POP 08
Classic driving groove reminiscent of early Merseybeat bands. Fairly uptempo classic rock and roll groove with alternating double and single back beats on the snare and variations and toms. Moves between driving sloshy hihats and ride sections with fills and snare flicks. Also features overdubbed tambourine. 60s Pop 160 M S L P More Info Save Favourite
SSPD 159 60s POP 06
A classic mid to up tempo 60s 4/4 pop groove. At 159 bpm this 4/4 groove is on the faster side of mid tempo for the 1960s. It features a driving bass drum pattern that pushes through the bars, but yet is played relatively lightly so doesn't allow its tempo to make it sound overpowering. Starts with a brief bossa nova style introduction before moving to hihat for the verses and ride for the choruses and outro. 60s Pop 159 M S L P More Info Save Favourite
SSPD 138 60s POP 17
Vibey mid tempo driving rock and roll groove with cutting snare based on The Kinks 'You Really Got Me'. A mid tempo driving groove with aggressive hi-hats and solid backbeats. With a selection of fills and sections on hi-hat and washy ride this motors along. Also has overdubbed tambourine with variations. 60s Pop 138 M S L P More Info Save Favourite
SSPD 135 60s POP 10
Mid tempo rolling snare groove in a Scott Walker style. It has a repetitive almost Spanish feel to it. Frequently used by Scott Walker it provides plenty of pace and movement. Recorded with a selection of rolls, drags and buzz rolls and with sections at different dynamics. 60s Pop 135 M S L P More Info Save Favourite
SSPD 134 60s SOUL 03
A four on the floor 4/4 groove based on Booker T's Time Is Tight. This is a fairly fast version of a light four on the floor groove that motors along without getting too heavy. Features a few different sections on hi hat and ride with different intensities, fills and hits. 60s Soul 134 M S L P More Info Save Favourite
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