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Computer Music

Drumdrops has over 400 drum tracks for you to preview and purchase in multiple formats. Each drum track can be previewed below as a low quality MP3. You can then click on the 'More Info' button to find out how the track was recorded and what formats it is available to purchase in.

All of the drum tracks can be purchased as unmixed live drum multi-tracks. These feature full length takes with all the separate drum mics recorded as 24 bit 44.1 WAVs and come with the Pro Tools session file, an OMF file to import into other DAW and a beat tempo map for syncing up external drum machines. The multi-tracks are perfect for people who want to experiment with setting up their own drum mix and have total control over the sound.
A large selection of the drum tracks are available to purchase as drum stem packs which contain the main stereo mix and sections of the drums mixed down. These packs are better for those who don't want to spend time setting up the mix. We have done the hard work for you, mixing them in commercial studios on vintage gear.
Finally a smaller selection of the drum tracks can be purchased as drum loops. Each mixed drum track has been cut down to about seven 2-4 bar loops and provided in the different drum components - full mix, full kit, kick and snare. The drum loops have been provided as WAVs, Apple Loops and Rex2 files meaning they will import into any sampler or DAW.

Title Description Genre
DDMT 141 SOUL 08
A big rolling drum fill intro kicks off this track which is inspired by Edwin Starr's 'Back Street'. A high energy, yet simple 8th note groove that powers along thanks to the accompanying conga pattern, which is occasionally interrupted by the powerful intro section. A couple of times throughout the track a slight variation to the groove with a snare on the one makes an appearance, which is reminiscent of James Browns B section in 'Cold Sweat'. motown soul 141 M S L P Info Save Favourite
DDMT 134 SOUL 19
This track has an old rock & roll vibe, and is inspired by Barrett Strong's 'Money (That's What I want)'. The first section is played on the ride, and switches between snare and tom hits. The second section is an 8th note break down style section, which is a dynamic contrast to the first section. Towards the end of the track the first section gets busier with a more complex ride pattern which gives it a latin vibe. A tambourine plays throughout, linking the various sections. motown soul 134 M S L P Info Save Favourite
DDMT 130 SOUL 13
Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell with their classic song 'Ain't No Mountain High Enough' was the creative starting point for this track. This release wouldn't be complete without this classic verse groove that is played on the rim of the tom together with a kick and hihat samba style pattern. The track then bursts into a funky groove via a classic Motown fill, and the sequence is finished off with another classic motown 1/4 note snare groove. motown soul 130 M S L P Info Save Favourite
DDMT 129 SOUL 06
This is an 8th note heavy groove that is a pure head jerker. Based on the classic Martha Reeves And The Vandellas song 'Dancing In The Street. The magic of this track is it's minimal variations and come from the occasional drum fill, and some subtle changes in the kick drum pattern. The clap and tambourine that triple up the backbeat are sure to give you a sore neck. motown soul 129 M S L P Info Save Favourite
DDMT 127 SOUL 22
This mid tempo track starts off with a funky groove that has some pushes which lead into that ever familiar Motown groove. A 16th note tambourine makes its entrance, shortly followed by a simple conga pattern. This cycle repeats a few times and is based around the song 'I Like Everything About You' by The Contours and Dennis Edwards. motown soul 127 M S L P Info Save Favourite
DDMT 125 SOUL 07
This track is a head nodding funk groove, with an infamous drum break intro section which closely follows the original. 'Twenty Five Miles' by Edwin Starr was the original song this track pays homage to. Think about a groove that a drum break obsessive would spend days digging for, crossed with the classic Motown reverb and room sound. The constant repetition of the tambourine marry with the solid soul claps, producing a funk classic. motown soul 125 M S L P Info Save Favourite
DDMT 122 SOUL 04
This release wouldn't be complete without paying homage to The Four Tops classic 'Reach Out, I'll Be There'. This track starts with one of those drum fills that is as perfect as it is simple, and before your finished mulling that concept over, your greeted to another classic Motown groove which is accompanied by an equally classic crisp tambourine pattern. The unashamedly repetitive groove is only occasionally interrupted by some short, simple drum fills. motown soul 122 M S L P Info Save Favourite
DDMT 120 SOUL 03
This track has a classic Motown groove which uses 'Aint To Proud To Beg' by The Temptations as it's muse. A ride section kicks the track off, underpinned by a backbeat of claps and a tambourine. The track swiftly moves into that signature groove which drives the track until it breaks down to just a kick drum and the percussion. The groove continues, and the cycle repeats. motown soul 120 M S L P Info Save Favourite
DDMT 117 SOUL 23
Inspired by Tammi Terrell's song 'All I Do Is Think About You', this mid tempo track that starts with a solitary cross stick on the 2 and 4. This percussion free drum groove then bursts into a shuffle on the hi hats and snare, then descends to shuffle with a cross stick. This arrangement repeats before the track ends with a flourish on the ride and hi hats. motown soul 117 M S L P Info Save Favourite
DDMT 115 SOUL 29
This mid tempo groove is based on the song '(We've Got) Honey Love' by Martha Reeves And The Vandellas. A classic groove that starts with a classic drum fill to start proceedings. The main groove is peppered with ghost notes on the snare, that intertwine perfectly with the conga pattern. The track then transitions to a classic Motown groove half way through the track, before ending with the groove in the first section. A tambourine plays a constant backbeat on beats 2 and 4 throughout the track. motown soul 115 M S L P Info Save Favourite
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