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"These tracks are earthy and real, tempo is consistent but not stiff, and the grooves are really happening. Engineer Mike Pelanconi deserves credit for making real tracks like these available."

Larry Crane | Engineer

Drumdrops has over 400 drum tracks for you to preview and purchase in multiple formats. Each drum track can be previewed below as a low quality MP3. You can then click on the 'More Info' button to find out how the track was recorded and what formats it is available to purchase in.

All of the drum tracks can be purchased as unmixed live drum multi-tracks. These feature full length takes with all the separate drum mics recorded as 24 bit 44.1 WAVs and come with the Pro Tools session file, an OMF file to import into other DAW and a beat tempo map for syncing up external drum machines. The multi-tracks are perfect for people who want to experiment with setting up their own drum mix and have total control over the sound.
A large selection of the drum tracks are available to purchase as drum stem packs which contain the main stereo mix and sections of the drums mixed down. These packs are better for those who don't want to spend time setting up the mix. We have done the hard work for you, mixing them in commercial studios on vintage gear.
Finally a smaller selection of the drum tracks can be purchased as drum loops. Each mixed drum track has been cut down to about seven 2-4 bar loops and provided in the different drum components - full mix, full kit, kick and snare. The drum loops have been provided as WAVs, Apple Loops and Rex2 files meaning they will import into any sampler or DAW.

Title Description Genre
DDMT 105 SOUL 10
This is a mid tempo style ballad groove, which has a few different sections that were inspired by the song 'No Good Without You' by Marvin Gaye. The first section has a playful call and response vibe to it, where a drum fill responds to a funky groove with an displaced backbeat. The track then breaks into that classic Motown 1/4 notes on the snare groove, which quickly dissipates into a simple 8th note groove. The track floats in and out of these sections effortlessly, with some congas playing throughout. motown soul 105 M S L P Info Save Favourite
DDMT 104 SOUL 30
This track pays homage to 'Soul Master' by Edwin Starr. This is a mid tempo groove which is funky and unique in its composition. It starts with a tom and conga 8th build, which rises and falls in dynamics. Pushes complete the intro section, before repeating the cycle again before the main groove enters the stage. The main groove has some funky interplay between the drums and conga pattern, with the drum groove avoiding the backbeat on 4, giving an interesting, tension building vibe. The track goes back to the intro section, then returns to the main groove before bringing in that ever present classic 1/4 note Motown groove. The track repeats all these sections again, which creates a sense of structure and interest. motown soul 104 M S L P Info Save Favourite
DDMT 100 SOUL 20
Based on The Four Tops 'Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever', this is a mid tempo syncopated funky groove. The syncopation comes from the hihat and kick drum that are locked together in unison, creating a funky vibe. The backbeat is supported by a tambourine, with subtle ghost notes played on the snare creeping in and out of the rhythm. motown soul 100 M S L P Info Save Favourite
This classic 1969 song 'I want you Back' by The Jackson 5 is the inspiration for this track. Although the original drum recording has a closed mic'ed 70's sound, this solid funky groove is sure to inspire with it's new/throwback sound. Percussion including a tambourine, claps and conga power this groove from start to finish. motown soul 99 M S L P Info Save Favourite
This slow ballad groove was based around Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terell's classic song 'You're All I Need To Get By'. The intro section has a simple kick and hihat pattern, accompanied by a funky conga groove. The track then builds into its main Motown style groove. Classic fills pepper the groove throughout, occasionally breaking down into the intro section giving dynamic and rhythmical interest. motown soul 97 M S L P Info Save Favourite
As soon as you hear the snare brush overdub intro, you'll probably be right in guessing that this track was based on the revered classic song 'Aint Nothing Like The Real Thing' by Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terell. This country style 'train' beat plays throughout, and underpins the two main drum grooves. The first verse groove is a hypnoticly simple 8th note groove, and the second groove is a classic 1/4 note snare Motown groove. The track is further supported by tambourine hits on beats 2 and 4, and a rolling conga pattern. motown soul 94 M S L P Info Save Favourite
This drum groove is played with brushes, and is a slow tempo track based on Gladys Knight And The Pips song 'Groovin'. The first part of the brush pattern accents the backbeat, but then flows into a section that accents the 1/4 notes, giving it that classic Motown vibe. Tasteful drum fills, and a hypnotic conga pattern help the track to groove through till the end. motown soul 87 M S L P Info Save Favourite
Bill Withers inspired Michael Jackson's version of 'Aint No Sunshine' which in turn inspired this track. This slow funky groove starts off with a cross stick backbeat, then seamlessly transfers to the snare backbeat with added ghost notes. Congas and a tambourine help to flow into the third section which is that classic motown groove. The original Michael Jackson version has more of a 70's drum sound, so this is a nice alternative take on this classic track. motown soul 77 M S L P Info Save Favourite
DDJT 360 JAZZ 21
Brush pattern at a breakneck speed on the snare drum mostly but with exciting and polyrhythmic fills at times. Jazz 360 M S L P Info Save Favourite
DDJT 360 JAZZ 10
This ride cymbal pattern is at breakneck speed with interspersed snare drum phrase hits that compliment the persistent ride cymbal, alla Tony Williams. Jazz 360 M S L P Info Save Favourite
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