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Disco Drops

Disco Drops

Drumdrops presents 19 four to the floor classic disco drum tracks taking you back to the golden roots of the disco genre. Performed by top session drummers using Ludwig and Gretsch drum kits, vintage Zildjian cymbals and snares by Ludwig, Rogers and Slingerland, Disco Drops has been expertly produced to provide producers, writers and re-mixers with supreme quality disco beats.

Produced and mixed by drum recording maestro Mike Pelanconi, this acclaimed album has kept strictly to the Drumdrops ethos of using only the very best vintage analogue equipment. Each track has been recorded on a 1970s Neve console, using analogue tape, vintage microphones and outboard gear such as Pultec Equalizers and Fairchild Compressors.

The 19 Disco Drops drum tracks provide a sparkling variety of grooves, tones and timbres: Rolling Funky Disco beats with punchy snares, tambourines and claves; Driving Disco Club Classics with fat toms and funky conga; Latin funky disco grooves with smooth hats and hand percussion; or Miami Disco with heavy shuffle, accented hats, short snare fills and big shaker. There are countless beats for you to experiment with…

The Disco Drops tracks are available in three different formats: disco drum multi-tracks, which allow you total flexibility and user control; drum stem file packs that are great for getting the drums quickly into your mix; and drum loop packs that are ideal for importing straight into your DAW – perfect for all today’s laptop supremos! These disco drum samples have been fully re-mastered so that each recording captures the performance with extreme clarity.

Make use of the innovative Drumdrops Audition Player to try ‘before you buy’. Upload your work to play alongside our drum samples and find the perfect disco drum beat for your tune.

You can purchase each drum track on a track by track basis or buy the whole Disco Drops album in any of the three formats.


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Title Description Genre
DD 133 DISCO 01
Rolling Funky Disco Beat with a light swing,punchy snare, tambourine and clave Disco 133 M S L P Info Save Favourite
DD 132 DISCO 01
Scorching Studio 54 Disco Club Classic with fat toms, funky conga and shaker. Disco 132 M S L P Info Save Favourite
DD 131 DISCO 01
Driving Disco Club classic with bass drum intro and big tom fills. Disco 131 M S L P Info Save Favourite
DD 127 DISCO 01
Classic four to the floor Disco groove with open hats in the Detroit ''House'' style Disco 127 M S L P Info Save Favourite
DD 124 DISCO 01
Hard 80s Disco beat with big toms and accented hi-hat patterns. 24” bass drum, fat snare sound and tight hi-hat Disco 124 M S L P Info Save Favourite
DD 120 DISCO 01
Pumping Disco classic with big 24” bass drum, fat snare sound and sweet 15" hi-hat. Disco 120 M S L P Info Save Favourite
DD 118 DISCO 01
Miami Disco with heavy shuffle groove, accented hats, short snare fills and big shaker Disco 118 M S L P Info Save Favourite
DD 117 DISCO 02
Latin Funky Disco groove with smooth hi-hat sound and hand percussion Disco 117 M S L P Info Save Favourite
DD 117 DISCO 01
Late 70s ''LA'' P-Funk Disco groove with punchy snare and tambourine Disco 117 M S L P Info Save Favourite
DD 116 DISCO 02
Afro Disco groove with tom fills, fat snare, conga, shaker and cabassa. Disco 116 M S L P Info Save Favourite

"Crate Diggers and Breaks Hunters head straight to the incredibly authentic sounding Full Mixes, load 'em up and you're ready to spin that Mirror Ball." -Tom Middleton DJ and Producer

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