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What the critics say

A few of our official reviews & testimonials to get you in the mood

Future Music

September 2013

"The music of the 1980s tends to polarise opinion - for some it was over-blown yet bland; for others it was ambitious and glorious. If you fall into the latter camp, NTWIC 80s Drums will appeal."

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Computer Music

September 2013

"A good range of articulations are covered (cross-stick, centre, rim, etc), a well laid-out mixer (with effects) is built-in, and the drums are warm, punchy and very playable."

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Future Music

August 2013

"the 1963 Premier Outfit 54 Kit charts a new course for the company, as it's the first to use a custom-designed Kontakt GUI."

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Sound on Sound

April 2005 review of Fistful of Drummers by John Walden

“the most noticeable thing about this collection is the sound.”

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Computer Music

April 2005 review of Fistful of Drummers and Drumdrops in Dub

"the sound is authentic as you could wish for."

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Tape Op Magazine

January 2005 review of Drops in the Bronx Vol 2 by Ryan Moore

"the most usable and musically inspiring drum sample series around – by a considerable margin."

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EQ Magazine

December 2004 review of Fistful of Drummers by John Krogh

“Oozing with old-school breakbeats laced with lots of analog goodness...guaranteed to satisfy your craving for funked up, soulful grooves.”

What our customers say

A few awesome folk who love our drums!

Dough Wimbish

Legendary Sugar Hill Gang and Living Color Bass Player

"Absolutely and positively the best new tool available for creating loops, grooves and full length live drum tracks; Drumdrops makes it easy with every component accessible on individual audio tracks so you're not tied to someone else's mix. This looks set to revolutionise the way we make music at home, on the move, in the studio. Surely the dawn of a new standard for computer based beat manipulation."

Larry Crane


“These tracks are earthy and real, tempo is consistent but not stiff, and the grooves are really happening. Engineer Mike Pelanconi deserves credit for making real tracks like these available.”

Chris Potter

Producer of Verve, U2 & Rolling Stones

“A top selection of organic sounding breaks and beats - and for once, they are actually really useable. The sounds are warm and thick - the playing is tough and there is enough variation in the grooves to dig out just what you need. More please.”

Adrian Sherwood

Producer and Dub Maestro

“Truly the best collection of originally recorded drum tracks and breaks I have ever heard, from early Studio One to classic reggae beats - onedrops, steppers and flying cymbals. Authentically reproduced with spring reverbs, plates and echoes. Featuring the one and only Style Scott the Drumdrops in Dub series is destined for classic status.”

Chris Kimsey

Producer of The Cult, INXS & Rolling Stones

“With Drumdrops you can achieve the artistic sonic balance that you want as every fundamental track recording is on dedicated separate mix/tracks. In listening to the Dub Volumes I was very impressed by the fact that the drum kit had been recorded with a traditional mono attitude. Making the whole recording full of life and giving the mixer even more creative control with access to a tasty and original Spring Echo snare track, various overhead mono kit tracks, tambourine, bongo and timbale overdubs complete with passionate grunts from the performer.”

Mark ‘Spike’ Stent

Producer and Engineer for Bjork, U2, Oasis & Madonna

“Drumdrops delivers plenty of authentic Dub sounds for you to play with, spring reverbs, huge kicks, flying cymbals and percussion. From slow hypnotic one drops to fast and furious steppers groove. Easy to use and most importantly inspirational. Drumdrops in Dub Vol's 1 and 2 are a must!!!”

Dave Eringa

Producer of Manic Street Preachers, Ash and Ocean Colour Scene

“Absolutely the most authentic sounding old school loops and drum tracks there are. The loops on their own are an incredible resource, but when you have the Pro Tools separates as well it really is a dream come true! A great achievement both musically & sonically.”

Stephen Street

Producer and Engineer of The Smiths, Blur and The Cranberries

“A producer or writer's dream, a drummer on demand with some great grooves and chunky organic sounds. You can really hear the 'air' around these skins, making the groove really 3 dimensional! Everyone should find something here that they can use.”

Graham Coxon


“The microphones are sucking up so much ace skin sound on these discs. Mister Pel is a master of the fat and the skinny and can match a sound to a sound like Dulux matches the paint. Tune 'em, mic 'em, hit 'em - King Pel is a wizard of the sonic fruitful pleasures the drum offers our lifeless asses.”

Tim Wheeler


“Calling all drum perverts, lap top recordists, multi platinum producers, loop manglers and song writers...If you're searching for kickass beats, look no further. These exceptional recordings are what you need. You have so many options with the multi-track Protools and Logic sessions, the skys the limit...”

Keith Le Blanc

Legendary Sugar Hill Gang drummer

“If you like old school beats with the old school sound then this is for you. I think Fistful of Drummers is kicking. All the loops have a very warm phat sound. There are lots of new covers of old classic beats... a must for any collection.”

Jay Kincaid

Brand New Heavies

“It's all here from upfront funk to back-a-yard. Painstakingly recorded and processed for the authentic sound you looked for on a host of beaten up vinyl. This is gold dust for the beat fan, from variations on old favourites to organic pocket grooves to deeply upset your neighbours; it is the last word in break beat records. If you are a producer there is enough to keep you busy for a long while - whether you use the beats as they are or cut into them, it's all here what ever your tempo. One fat platter.”

Junior Delgado


“To keep it real, is to keep it live. Like roses "need the rain", music needs live drums just the same. In this world of growing technology l'Junior Delgado love live energy.”

Ryan Moore

Twilight Circus / Dub Artist and DJ

“Life is too short for bad drum sounds! The drums determine a large part of how your production comes across. Most drum samples I've heard out there just don't cut it; search no more because, for a fraction of the cost of hiring an expensive studio and top players yourself, Drumdrops will supply you with some of the finest grooves around. If you are looking for incendiary beats, you've come to the right place - this is drum heaven!”

Kenny Patterson

Engineer whose credits include Placebo and Texas

“The drum kits sound great I especially liked the compressed and un-compressed ambience tracks and having complete control of individual tracks adds the option to blend in your own FX and mix. The tempo maps means I can slave my MPC for overdubs and trigger new sounds instantly...Delicious and infinitely flexible!!”